S indicates resource which requires payment or subscription

F indicates resources which are freely available


·         Slide Presentations (Available to Download)

o   EBM: The Introductory Talk (EBM Resource Center)

o   Obstacles to EBM in Developing Countries (Centre for Evidence-based Medicine)


·         Listserves

o   Evidence-Based Health (JISCMail)

o   Evidence-Based Libraries (JISCMail)

o   Evidence Based Emergency Medicine (EBEM Working Group)


·         Calculators 

o   Convert Odds Ratios to NNTs Calculator (Centre for Evidence-based Medicine)

o   EBM Calculator Centre for Evidence-based Medicine

o   Medical Calculator (Foundation Internet Services)

o   Stats Calculator (Centre for Evidence-based Medicine)


·         Critically Appraised Topics

o   Evidence-Based Pediatrics: CATs (University of Michigan)

o   CATs Index (University of North Carolina)

o   Evidence-Based On-Call(Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine)


·         Patient Information

o   KidsHealth (Nemours Foundation)

o   Medlineplus (National Library of Medicine)

o   NIHSeniorHealth (National Institutes of Health)


·         Glossaries

o   ACP Journal Club Glossary (ACP)

o   KT Glossary (Centre for Evidence-based Medicine, Canada)

o   Glossary of EBM Terms (Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, Canada)


·         Apps

o   CDC – Windows, iPad, Android (F)

o   ePocrates for mobile devices (F)

o   ePSS Electronic Preventive Services Selector – iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows (F)

o   Evidence Central – iPhone, Pad, Blackberry, Android, Windows (S)

o   Micromedex - iPhone, iPad (F)

o   Micromedex Drug Interations - iPhone, iPad, Android (S)

o   NutriGuides – iPhone, iPad (S)

o   StatRef - Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android (S)

o   The Cochrane Library – iPad (F)